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Breakthroughs in science have enabled toxicology professionals to deliver true toxin free unisex synthetic urine produced for both male and female users alike. Ultra Klean Urine was first established in early 2002 as a pioneer in the global detox industry. With years of proven results and rigorous lab analysis we have created the only true undetectable lab grade fake urine in the market place. The Ultra Klean line of detox products are known worldwide for their effectiveness and referenced across the web as the best synthetic urine. Every urine kit produced in our lab is unique because it under goes a complete analysis with state of the art equipment commonly used to test real human samples. Every bottle of pee produced is properly balanced with the following human like structure. Samples include exact Ph Balance levels, common creatitine levels, gravity, uric acid, color, and foam. Currently Ultra Klean is the only detox company that stands behind its product with a  500% money back guarantee. Our business model has remained the same, to be consistent and to remain a forefront in the detox industry. Our experience in the detox world has allowed us to produce fake urine that is second to none. When choosing a company to protect your privacy or secure your future rely on a name that has been trusted for over 12 years.



With current drug testing procedure effecting approximately 55% of the United States work force you have to be sure you use a product that works. Old methods such as taking niacin pills and drinking excess water will no longer work, as labs will flag your specimen as diluted. With new technology seeking to catch drug test cheats you will have to use reversed engineered human urine to make this possible. Ultra Klean urine is commonly used by major labs to calibrate their testing equipment because it is literally the real thing.


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