How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

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How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

If you currently have a bottle of synthetic urine and you need to know if it expires, then we are here to help you with the answers.  This is a very important factor in deciding if the fake pee you have is still good and can be used.  Like almost every product out there, synthetic urine does expire and can become useless. You definitely do not want to risk using something that is too old!

Synthetic urine shelf life

Each brand of fake pee has its own shelf life. It is important to check with the brand you are holding and see what they say. The best way is to check their Synthetic Urine Facts page on their website, read the box, and try to remember when you bought the product. The leaders in the detox industry, Ultra Klean, guarantee their fake pee for up to three years after production. You will see many of the best brands with a 2-3 year expiration date. You may want to check the batch date if the product contains one to see when exactly the urine was manufactured.

How to store your fake pee?

Now that you have figured out if you have a product that is still good, lets go over some factors in storing your fake pee to keep it fresh. While we see that most urine kits will last for 2-3 years they also can be affected by not taking care of your product correctly. For the best storage results, it is recommended to keep your synthetic urine stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. The bottle can be reheated more than once and also can be frozen, but it is not suggested this is done too many times. For maximum results, don’t open the bottle and keep it in a safe place where the temperature is not affecting it too many times.


Most brands of synthetic urine last for 2-3 years after production. To make sure you don’t speed up expiration keep the urine at room temperature and avoid changing its temperature too many times. Try to keep the urine sealed to prevent any outside pollutants from entering it. Any other questions always check out the manufactures recommended directions. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! And lastly before pouring up make sure you check out the heating directions, no one wants a cold bottle of pee!!

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