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Know the Facts, Know the Science

Ultra Klean was started by its founders John Kehoe and Brian Kehoe in 2002. With many years in the fake urine business, it's safe to say their products truly work!! Based upon science, many trials, and thousands of proven tests they continue to offer the best fake urine and other detox products around.

Currently, Ultra Pure urine is produced in two sizes, a smaller 2oz bottle and a bigger 4oz bottle of fake pee. Ultra Klean Ultra Pure urine is ready to be used for both male and female users. All samples of this proprietary detox line come standard with a full three year shelf life.

Ultra Klean products are currently the only products in the market today that offer a 500% money back guarantee on satisfactory results! We stand behind the product line completely, or we would not be in business for so many years. Our hair follicle detox shampoo, saliva cleansing mouthwash, and fake urine kits DO NOT FAIL! Buy synthetic urine online today and get it now!

Unlike other fly by night companies on the web who sell inferior products Ultra Klean ensures all products and samples produced are done so in a lab environment with the latest technology available. All fake urine samples are tested for accuracy and contain the proper structure and compounds found in real pee. When a lab dissects a sample of our pee for a urine test they will find several key factors. Real human like color, no neon yellow piss here. Creatinine levels consistent with real human beings. Exact gravity and uric acid properties in line for both males and females. We consider these traits the basic structure to developing a real human urine test sample.

We are built to last. Unlike most bogus fake pee samples in the market, the Ultra Klean urine kit is unique. With years of formation to ensure our products credible in real life circumstances, Ultra Klean synthetic urine has the ability to be stored in the following ways. In your car, and yes coming from hot to cold everyday will not affect a thing. Other common methods consist of being placed In your closet, in your underpants, or refrigerator. Any one of these methods work, regardless of room temperature or overheating your fake urine will remain intact and effective for over three full years.

All of our formulated fake pee samples include uric acid and we were first to know this! That is why for the last 9 years we have been putting uric acid in every sample. With other companies just now realizing labs across the US are searching for uric acid, we like to think that’s why our pass rate has been so high. Here at Ultra Klean we are trend setters at the forefront of the fake urine online business.

Currently Ultra Klean manufactures 2 sizes of synthetic pee a 2oz and 4oz bottle. The significance of this is quite simple; a 2oz bottle will fill a cup right to the line the minimum requirement for a single test. The following methods consist of a standard test (Icup, Escreen, 6 panel, 10 panel and dip stick screens) For other lab screens such as DOT testing where the sample could be split into two samples, we recommend the bigger 4oz bottle to meet current testing mandate. In any circumstance it’s your decision but remember it is better to have more than not enough, so when you buy our synthetic urine please pour it wisely.

Frozen samples still work! If you accidentally freeze your fake urine, and yes this happens often, simply leave the sample out at room temp and let it thaw. Now on the other side of the equation if you overheat your sample in the microwave you can still relax. Ultra Klean urine was built to last so heat will not compromise your urine kit. Simply let the bottle cool until you get a reading on your temperature strip and repeat the warming process.

With toxin free synthetic urine at your disposal feel free to have a little fun with your fake pee. Ultra Klean urine has been used in many online videos and gags for a great laugh. Squirting fake pee on your friend when he or she is sleeping has never been safer. Bacteria free urine samples eliminate the potential of any disease or infection to grow on anyone or anything. Products such as the whizzinator urinator and other fetish related items were designed with toxin free products in mind. Ultra Klean loves the idea of clean safe fun.