Best Fake urine Pee Kits 2021 for Enhanced Results

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Synthetic Urine

The best thing about synthetic urine is that you don’t have to worry, if you will pass a urine test. The simple fact is that if you use the best synthetic urine (updated to 2021 and beyond testing standards) you will surely pass any prescribed tests using a fake synthetic pee kit.

The best synthetic urine kits currently available in the market, for example – 4oz bottle, is precise as it tests like a perfectly normal and clean human urine every time. The mixture also smells like urine and produces light bubbles as normal urine which is synonymous to real life.


The 4oz Ultra Pure kit is the best large complete fake urine kit available online today. Having the bigger size of pre-mixed lab tested and approved synthetic urine will guarantee you to pass any test. This Ultra Klean kit is unisex and comes with everything you’re going to need including heat factory heat pads, silent squeeze plastic bottle, and easy to use pour spout cap. Every fake urine kit comes calibrated to perfection every single time. When tested results will show all natural human like traits in every bottle.


Shake contents of bottle before you pop the synthetic urine and heat for 10 seconds in microwave. Shake the provided heating pad and attach to your bottle with rubber brand. Store wherever desired.

Fake pee kit short synopsis


– Pre-mixed, just shake and go!

– Unisex, good for everyone! Over 20 years of production with continued results

– Manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, including urea and uric acid

– No product recalls!

– Kit comes complete with synthetic urine, heat pad, squeeze top plastic bottle, and rubber band.


Most brands of synthetic urine last for 2-3 years after production. To make sure you don’t speed up expiration keep the urine at room temperature and avoid changing its temperature too many times. Try to keep the urine sealed to prevent any outside pollutants from entering it. Any other questions always check out the manufactures recommended directions.


We stand behind the product line completely, or we would not be in business for so many years. Our hair follicle detox shampoo, saliva cleansing mouthwash, and synthetic urine kits provide you a better testing environment.

Stop searching for where to buy synthetic urine, because we have got you covered. All Ultra Klean products are currently the only products on the market today that offer a 500% money back guarantee on satisfactory results!

About Ultra Klean Urine

With years of proven results and rigorous lab analysis, we have created the only true undetectable lab grade fake urine in the market place. The Ultra Klean line of detox products are known worldwide for their effectiveness and referenced across the web as the best synthetic urine.

Every urine kit produced in our lab is unique because it undergoes a complete analysis with state of the art equipment commonly used to test real human samples. Our experience in the detox world has allowed us to produce fake urine that is second to none. When choosing a company to protect your privacy or secure your future rely on a name that has been trusted for over 15 years.

Fake urine/pee kit is a synthetic liquid specifically designed for novelty fetish play, pranks and urine screening calibration. The products in a fake pee kit will include the pH, nitrates, urea, uric acid, and creatinine found in real urine. So, buy it from an authenticate source online.


We provide you with satisfaction guarantee, discrete packaging and reliable shipping.

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One Comment on “Best Fake urine Pee Kits 2021 for Enhanced Results”

  1. I’ve read so many reviews on this product and when it comes to synthetics there will always been some doubt especially your first time trying them. I made a huge mistake smoking with my brother 2 days ago and of course they call me in the take a drug screen what are the odds. I panicked
    ,but I picked up your product(Ultra Pure synthetic urine) at the last minute I didn’t know what to do it was my last hope. Honestly, I am ecstatic!!! Using Ultra Klean I passed! I could not be any happier with this product. Thank You! Hopefully I will never have to use it again…LOL

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