Does Synthetic Urine Work?

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Synthetic Urine – Does it work in 2019?

There seems to be some confusion about synthetic urine drug tests, so let us weigh in with what we know to help anyone who is interested in finding out does synthetic urine work?! Companies that are producing fake urine are well aware of what is being looked at when a specimen is tested in 2019. The fake pee is being produced in scientific labs and are tested relentlessly. Lets start with the simplest details and work are way up to the more complicated questions. We took a bottle of Ultra Pure synthetic urine made by Ultra Klean and broke it down and these are the results to the questions the labs answer the most when determining if the pee is legit.

What does synthetic urine look like?

First things first, what does it look like. Pee is yellow in color. Not too clear and not too dark. Nothing strange about it. Looks natural. Labs will check the fake pee against a basic color spectrum to make sure nothing looks irregular. This synthetic urine is not watered down like some other samples we have seen.  When buying synthetic urine it is best to pickup the fake pee that is already mixed and not in powder form.

What temperature is the fake urine?

Before testing, the fake urine bottle needs to be heated properly to the correct temperature, between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. When tested, anything not between this temperature will result in a suspicious result. When using this product, the right temperature is probably the most important thing that must be done to ensure the best result. User error is the only way the sample can be pin pointed as fake!

Does Ultra Klean urine contain urea and uric acid?

Yes, Ultra Pure urine contains both of these key elements, urea and uric acid. Tests are keying in on these two things in determining whats real and whats not. Real human urine always contains these important characteristics. Synthetic urine presently should always have urea and uric acid, if it doesn’t have it, then you should probably look elsewhere. Not all brands have it! Be sure to check this factor before choosing what you purchase.

Whats the pH balance of this urine?

This pee has been balanced correctly to the right pH level to simulate a human sample. The synthetic urine has also been balanced for specific gravity. A sample without these characteristics will definitely lead to it being deemed as fake. I think alot of people don’t know about these factors, but labs are surely going to be checking for this. We are in 2019 currently and testing is only going to improve in the future.


So does synthetic urine work? We are going to go ahead and say Hell Yeh! This stuff looks like the real thing, feels like the real thing, and even tests like the real thing! Buy synthetic urine online and stay worry free! Disclaimer, we do not condone using any synthetic urine kit to fool or pass any legal drug testing…but yes synthetic urine does work!

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