Synthetic Urine Buyers Guide 2021

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Buyers Guide to Synthetic Urine in 2021

With more and more synthetic urine information becoming available in 2021 it is very important to stay on top of the facts that matter the most. There are plenty of brands of fake pee to choose from and they all claim to be the best. The truth boils down to whether or not the stuff works or not, not what someone writes in an article that’s never even used synthetic urine and is just writing content to get clicks. We are going to review what is relevant in the fake pee world!

What Should be in Your Synthetic Urine?

The question, what is synthetic urine and what is it made of pops up a lot? Well, its a lab manufactured synthetic liquid that mimics real human urine. When it’s produced, human characteristics need to be inserted, which include urea, uric acid, creatine, and the correct sulfates. Even factors like the pH level need to be spot on along with color, scent, and gravity.

Synthetic Urine Temperature

As we all know, real human urine comes out of the body warm. So you might be wondering, if I buy synthetic urine do I need to heat it up or does it come warm already? This is the one thing you might need to do when buying a pre-mixed synthetic urine kit. You must heat it up yourself via microwave or heat pack which is provided in most kits. The correct temperature for a bottle of fake urine would be 90-100F. It is very important to make sure you have the right temperature on your fake urine to get the most realistic results and experience when using it. Check this out to see how to use synthetic urine right every time!

Other Synthetic Urine Factors

When making a purchase it is very important that you are buying a well know brand from a reliable source. This way you know you are getting something you can trust. There is a 2-3 year shelf life on most of these products and you don’t want to get caught holding something old or expired. We are seeing sales of synthetic urine popping up on sites like Amazon and eBay, and you need to be very careful when buying from there because you really don’t know where they are coming from. Smokeshops or online websites are your best bet when buying.

Powdered Urine

There are also companies producing a powdered urine product that needs to be mixed with water before use. When using these powders user error can happen very easily. Too much water or too little water might be added. The product also needs to be stirred correctly to avoid chunks. It is probably best to avoid these and stick to the pre-mixed synthetic urine liquids that are ready to go. Just shake them up and heat them up and you are good to go!

Quality Synthetic Urine

Here’s what we can tell you about synthetic urine in 2019. Ultra Klean has been making Ultra Pure urine since 1997!!! Their formula is manufactured using the best quality ingredients, lab processes, and quality control. Unlike other companies, they have never had any of their products recalled. Year after year in the detox industry they have produced a line of quality trusted products. Their synthetic urine is great for a variety of uses including novelty fetish play, pranking friends, general research, test kit calibration, animal repellant, education, and any other time you might need a urine sample.

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