Hair Follicle Testing

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Hair Drug Testing
Drug screening has become a normal part of an employers hiring process, now as common as interviewing and reference checks. There are different types of drug screening, ranging from testing urine, saliva, and now even hair drug testing. You might be wondering, how can someone tell if I used drugs by looking at my hair? Well, its a little more detailed than that. A hair drug test involves a hair sample or hair follicle being removed from your head and sent to a lab. A little worried about losing a chunk of your hair? Well only a small sample is removed but they can find out alot about any substances you may have been using.

What do they test for?
A hair drug testing facility will look for usually the main 5 panel drugs that a potential employee could be using, including amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP.) By testing the root of the hair, the company can usually determine if drugs were used within the last week to three months. On average, a humans hair grows around 1/2 inch every month. With just a 1 1/2 inch sample from the root of your hair, 3 months worth of any type of drug use can be discovered. Within a few days after the test, the results will be sent to the employer. Results from lab testing are almost 100% accurate.

What can be done?
Well there is a simple solution. Don’t do drugs! Let’s face it, maybe that’s not an option, well don’t panic. There are products available to pass an at home hair test. Ultra Cleanse shampoo made by Ultra Klean can help you solve your little problem. Simply wash your hair a few times with their products and your hair will remain toxin free for an entire day. Find hair drug testing shampoo at and order today to be safe!

Ultra Cleanse Shampoo for Hair Drug Testing

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