Marijuana legal states

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Times are a changing slowly but surely in the United States as 2014 voting has allowed marijuana to become legal in three more states. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, D.C., have joined Colorado as marijuana legal states. The states are now allowing marijuana to be smoked and owned not only for medical reasons, but also non-medical use. Many more states are already allowing medical use and it will not be long before, marijuana is accepted all over the country.

The marijuana industry should see a huge surge in its legalized business sales as 3 more marijuana legal states will now have legal dispensaries. This will make it easy for all people to continue or start using the drug. The “pot shops” will offer a wide variety of strains to be smoked, as well as other ways to get high such as marijuana infused foods and drinks known as edibles. Its safe to say that alot more people will be trying the drug since it will be so easy to buy and use legally. This in turn, could lead to a workforce of employees who may or may not be using the drug on the job.

The question that comes to my mind is how companies will go about with their drug testing. If states are allowing marijuana use, then how will businesses respond to their current and future employees using the drug? It’s possible that they will continue to drug test, but any marijuana showing up will be viewed as acceptable. Therefore, will people be allowed to be high at work?? Could be a problem… On the other hand, maybe they only use the drug outside of work, how can the testing be seen as fair if this is the case? Does a positive test stand as grounds for dismissal at this point legally? These are all reasonable questions to consider.

At this point the answer is still real simple. Luckily, there are still ways around losing your job or a potential job because you use legal marijuana. offers all the products needed to pass any kind of drug test taken at home. Their fake urine kits offer the latest in fake pee products that are guaranteed to work every single time. Americans have voted and they should not be penalized for legal use. Grab a fake urine kit if your job tries to tell you otherwise.

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